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Plot to Kill Missionaries in Turkey Planned in Advance

by Jeremy Reynalds

The brutal massacre of three Christian missionaries who operated the Zirve Publishing House in the city of Malatya in 2007 was planned well ahead of time and in a highly calculated manner, documents found on a computer belonging to a suspect in the killings have revealed.

Relatives of the Zirve massacre victims walk to Malatya 3rd High Criminal …

Sudan Genocide

Genocide in Sudan Continues

By Elizabeth Kendal

In 1992, during its war against South Sudan, Khartoum declared a jihad against the ‘rebellious’ Nuba: the African tribes of the north’s Nuba Mountains who, along with the southerners, were resisting Islamization and racist Arab supremacy. A government-sponsored fatwa legitimized the jihad by labeling Muslim ‘rebels’ as ‘apostates’ and Christians as “kaffirs”  (infidels/unbelievers) standing as a bulwark against the spread of Islam, …

Hindu extremists follow wounded pastor to hospital, attempt to slit his throat

Christians in India’s most religiously intolerant state have witnessed heightened violence in the past several weeks, including Hindu

extremists attempting to slit the throat of a pastor as he lay hospitalized from a previous attack, sources said.

Karnataka State led India in attacks against Christians from 2009 through 2011, according to the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI). Christians or their property are …

Shocking case of handicapped Pakistani girl falsely accused of blasphemy

Now acquitted and freed, but in hiding and in fear of her life

By Dan Wooding

It was around midnight on a fateful August night when a young Christian girl was brought into the Ramna Police Station and accused of blasphemy and then sent to jail.

She is Rimsha Masih, a 14-year-old illiterate and mentally-challenged girl, was foraging around her area in search of …

UK church denied charitable status; Commission says Christianity is not necessarily for public good

By Peter Wooding

Britain’s Charity Commission put the charitable status of the nation’s churches in question after it ruled that a congregation  in the South West of England did not exist for public benefit, according to a report by Christian Concern.

Under charity law, churches and other organisations must show that their existence has some form of “public benefit.”

But in a letter …

Kidnapped priest found dead in Syria

By Jeremy Reynalds

A Greek Orthodox priest was found slain after being kidnapped near the Syrian capital of Damascus, the Syrian government and the Vatican news service reported.

The body of the Rev. Fadi Jamil Haddad, pastor of St. Elias Church outside Damascus, was discovered in the a district of the capital. The site was not far from the area where he …

Christian artist released after 136 days in notorious Iranian prison

Arrested for his faith

By Jeremy Reynalds

A Christian artist with an Islamic background was temporarily released October 9th after four months in prison, according to Mohabat Christian News Agency.

The Christian convert spent 136 days in the notorious Vakil-Abad prison, where he was interrogated. According to the latest reports, he has been temporarily released and is now awaiting his trial.

Idol worshipper found Jesus, then suffered for his faith

By Mark Ellis

Despite his offerings at the Hindu temple, Gajjal Paul could find no peace. After his boss introduced him to the Good News about Jesus, he renounced his idols and began to follow Christ. But his evangelical zeal met a terrible test when assailants ambushed him.

“I was an active idol worshiper ” says Gajjal Nilandhri Paul, 38. “I would regularly go …

Islamists separate Christian students from Muslim students, kill 25-30 at Nigerian college

Boko Haram, an Islamist militant group, invaded the off campus hostel of Federal Polytechnic College in northern Nigeria late Monday,

allegedly separated Muslim students from Christians and massacred up to 30 Christian students, according to Open Doors.

The attack took place in the city of Mubi in northeastern Nigeria.

Pastor shot dead in Colombia, where 20-30 are assassinated each year

By Jeremy Reynalds

A Christian human rights agency is calling for a full investigation into the murder of Pastor Henry Rodriguez, 44, who was shot dead as he left his church in Bogota, Colombia.

According to a news release from Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), Rodriguez was a leader at the United Pentecostal Church in the Marsella neighborhood of Bogota.