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Woman behind mysterious ‘Jesus photo’ grants first video interview

By Mark Ellis

Was it an actual photograph of Jesus, an angel, or someone else? Jane Dobson, the woman who first brought this unusual story to light, visited Southern California recently, and granted her first video interview explaining the unusual incident witnessed by her family and friends on a boat off the coast of Maine.

It was a blustery Saturday along the shore …

Little child identifies ‘The Man’ who says “He is coming soon”

By Mark Ellis

Emma Sukut began to point at angels in her bedroom and talk about them to her parents at about 18-months-old.

“Every morning when I would get her up she would point up at the ceiling and say, ‘Look momma, there’s angels up there,’” says Caitlyn Sukut, her mother. More recently, she has spoken about “The Man” who appears with …

Mysterious ‘Jesus photo’ stirs faith, brings comfort and peace to many

Unusual photograph captures reflection of Jesus or an angel

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