Finding God moments in anime

By Ivanea Arango and Michael Ashcraft

After losing his house, his church and nearby family, Joseph Wentz fell into a prolonged depression and started watching anime, the Japanese cartoons for adults.

The Christians who surrounded him at college helped him pull out of the funk, but his passion for anime continued.

“Anime inevitably touches on Christian themes from time to time,” said Wentz, …

Batman, move over – Jesus saves in NYC

By Brandon Montes

New York City – never considered the spiritual heartbeat of America — is now experiencing revival, especially among millennials flocking to upbeat services within vibrant faith communities.

“A lot of people told us, ‘this is the graveyard of churches. Don’t go there. All the hipsters won’t want to come to church.’ We felt that’s the best place to be, …

Nigeria: British baroness barely escapes deadly attack

By Mark Ellis

Baroness Caroline Cox, a member of the House of Lords and important voice in Parliament for religious freedom throughout the world, narrowly avoided an attack by armed Islamist Fulani herdsmen on November 14th.

Baroness Cox and Bishop Stewart Ruch III were visiting Jos Plateau State where Islamist cattle herdsmen have become as great a threat as the infamous terror group Boko …

Water supply cut off in battle for Mosul, thousands at risk

By Mark Ellis

A major pipeline supplying water to the eastern part of Mosul was destroyed during the battle to retake the city from ISIS, leaving thousands without safe water and at risk of disease and death.

“Children and their families are facing a horrific situation in Mosul. Not only are they in danger of getting killed or injured in the cross …

Palestinian leaders telling children that Israelis and US behind death of Arafat

By Brandon Montes

Palestinian officials have been indoctrinating children with a malicious falsehood, that former President Yasser Arafat died of poison administered by Israelis, with the complicity of the United States.

In 2004 Arafat became ill, fell into a coma, and died on November 11, 2004 at age 75. Muslim news accounts alleged foul play, but independent investigations by the French and …

Hard truths about global missions

By David Joannes

Missionaries generally want to share the breakthroughs and powerful testimonies with you. To be clear, there are amazing things happening in the world and there are pockets of revival around the world.

But I feel led to share with you some of the dark realities of global missions. Eugene Bach shared something similar in his recent, incredibly moving …

Why Castro’s Cuba banned me

By Dan Wooding

Former Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, who led a rebel army to an improbable victory in Cuba, embraced Soviet-style communism and defied the power of 10 US presidents during his rule, died November 25 in Havana at 90.

On my first visit trip to Cuba in 1982, I was still living in England, and had joined a team of Bible …

The surprising list of Hollywood celebrities speaking out against abortion

By Justin Berry

Jack Nicholson’s teenage mom very nearly aborted him, which is why he opposes killing fetuses in the womb.

“I’m very contra my constituency in terms of abortion because I’m positively against it,” the bad boy actor said. “I don’t have the right to any other view. My only emotion is gratitude, literally, for my life.”

Nicholson is not a lone …

K-Pop sensation, ‘Super Junior,’ has nine Christian band members not shy about spreading their faith

By Ivanna Arango and Michael Ashcraft

As Kyuhyun Cho lingered between death and life in a coma, his dad argued with the surgeon about saving his son’s vocal chords while the doctor focused on the young man’s lungs punctured by a car accident. He thought about his son’s singing career.

“Are you crazy?” the doctor retorted. “Your child is about to die, …

Olympic track star defied the odds, runs for Jesus

By Ivanea Arango and Michael Ashcraft

He weighed two pounds at birth and his mom thought he wouldn’t live, but Wayde van Niekerk has thrived thanks to God – he’s thrived so much that he beat the 400-meter record in this summer’s Olympic games.

The 24-year-old South African startled track observers when he swept past American Lashawn Merritt and the defending Olympic …

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