Underground Middle East pastor needs emergency heart surgery, funds requested

By Mark Ellis

One of the most important underground church leaders, who ministers in multiple countries and trains new pastors by the dozens, is in urgent need of heart surgery, according to an appeal made by Final Frontiers Foundation.

“In the years I have known him he has been thrown off a three story building to the sidewalk below,” says Jon Nelms, …

Uganda: National rugby team sings Christian hymn before every game

By Mark Ellis

While they have never qualified for the World Cup, the national Rugby Union team known as the Cranes finds inspiration for their play with prayer and hymn-singing before and after each game.

“If I live a holy life, shun the wrong and do the right, I know the Lord will make a way for me,” the Cranes sing together.

Team …

National Geographic cover features transgender child

By Diana Chandler

A 9-year-old boy who considers himself female is featured on the cover of the January 2017 National Geographic. The entire issue is dedicated to subjective gender identity primarily through the eyes of children while excluding biblical authority.

But the idea of transgenderism or gender fluidity is itself a fallacy void not only of Scripture but also of science, …

God gave holocaust survivor the will to live

By Mark Ellis

In the closing days of WWII, a British soldier found her almost lifeless body collapsed amid a pile of corpses at Bergen-Belsen. Thousands died from forced starvation and disease before the liberation of this notorious Nazi concentration camp—but one young Jewish woman found God’s strength to survive.

“God had a purpose to save me to tell my story,” says …

Homeless pill popper delivered by Jesus

By Michael Ashcraft

For six months, Yvette Castillo was homeless, popping pills and drinking alcohol. She was pregnant and took refuge in abandoned house with crack addicts where she was raped.

“I was trusting the drugs instead of trusted God to make me happy,” Yvette said in a YouTube testimony. “I thought it was an easier solution, but it wasn’t.”

Yvette now lives …

The night before church blast in Cairo, woman had premonition of her death

By Mark Ellis

The death toll from the December 11th attack on a Coptic church in Cairo rose to 26 this week after ten-year-old Maggy Moemen died nine days after the blast, which killed mostly women and children.

It seems the 22-year-old terrorist with a suicide vest exploded himself on the side of the church where women and children sat, separated from the men.

The …

Suicidal YouTube make-up artist found a reason to live

By Michael Ashcraft

Behind the popularity, the beauty, and bubbly personality, Alison Henry harbored self-hatred and misery that led to broodings about suicide.

Today, the 23-year-old YouTube make-up artist with a following of 880,542 has found inner joy.

“I cannot even tell you how unhappy I was, and the bad thing was I couldn’t even tell you why,” Alison said in a recent …

Did God create each person with a unique Icon Number?

By Brian Nixon

The Biblical basis for an “Icon Number” (IN) arises from the Apostle Paul’s use of the Greek word eikon in Colossians 1:15. In this case, Paul is relating the word “icon” to Jesus—the exact image of God. Later, in Hebrews 1:3, the writer of the book uses the term charakter in a similar way. In the …

The Harvard and MIT profs who are outspoken Christians

By Michael Ashcraft

A group of high-powered MIT and Harvard professors were featured recently at a forum to debunk the notion that there is a conflict between science and faith.

Rosalind Picard and Ian Hutchinson are professors at Massachusetts Institute of Technology while Tyler VanderWeele and Nancy E. Hill are professors at Harvard University – and all four are firm believers in …

Suicidal Jewish man found the Messiah Christmas Eve, while reading Gideon’s Bible

By Michael Ashcraft

On the night before Christmas, he was kicked out of his house.

After years of “loose living and immorality,” Elliott Osowitt was driven out by a wife who had run out of patience. Downcast and despondent, he decided to go to a nearby motel and kill himself with a gun.

Osowitt worked as a tour guide for “Heathen Tours,” a …

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