Baptists making progress on Japan relief, but obstacles remain

Baptists are making progress on Japan disaster relief, but obstances remain due to fuel shortages, governement red tape, and radiation evacuation zone

Crack in Japanese reactor core opens up nightmare scenario, expert says

A crack at the core of the nuclear reactor brings the potential of a nightmare scenario, according to Micho Kaku.

Black leaders mourn genocidal impact of abortion on their community

Black leaders mourned the genocidal impact of abortions on their community, which has abortion rates twice as high as their proportionate share of the population

Japan reactor crisis on a knife’s edge, expert warns

Dr. Michio Kaku, appearing on Good Morning America, warned Japan’s nuclear crisis is on a knife’s edge, with the potential for radiation release greater than Chernobyl

Rick Warren issues call for greater collaboration, partnering in missions

Pastor Rick Warren challenged the church to work together to complete The Great Commission.

Call for Christians to make a difference in Japan

Many mission organizations are prayerfully developing their strategies to make a difference in Japan, even as the crisis continues to unfold in its many dimensions. Some see an unprecedented opening for the love of Christ to touch hearts and lives as never before. 

“Japan is wide open to the Gospel,” says Dave Loewen, personnel director in the U.S. office of SEND …

Water drops on Japanese reactors futile, expert says

Dr. Michio Kaku believes there is the potential for a disaster larger than Chernobyl unless the Japanese government uses the military to entomb the reactors in concrete, sand, and boric acid

Holy Spirit Tsunami needed in Japan

A Holy Spirit Tsunami is needed to reach the Japanese people with the love, grace, and truth of Jesus Christ.

How will events in Egypt and the Middle East play into Biblical prophecy?

The stage is being set for an attack on Israel by a coalition of countries led by Russia and Iran, which will fulfill Ezekial 38 and 39, according to one observer

Former astronaut’s wife convinced on location of Noah’s Ark

Mary Irwin, the wife of former Apollo 15 astronaut James Irwin, is convinced she knows the location of Noah’s Ark, after stumbling upon a lost file in her late husband’s belongings

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