West Bank/Gaza


Blessings International

Blessings International heals the hurting globally and locally by providing life-saving pharmaceuticals, vitamins and medical supplies to medical mission teams, clinics and hospitals; B.I. builds healthy communities by enabling medical professionals and volunteers to effectively treat the sick and victims of endemic medical problems

Christian Aid Mission

Christian Aid is generally considered to be the first missionary agency to support and promote indigenous mission groups. It has been the catalyst behind the present reformation in foreign missions methodology.

Door of Hope International

Door of Hope International (DOHI) is a Voice and a Helping Hand to persecuted Christians worldwide. Founded by Dr. Haralan Popov who was imprisoned and tortured for his faith in Jesus Christ for 13 years in Communist Bulgaria. Since 1972, DOHI has delivered more than one million New Testaments and Bibles to Christians living under persecution and restrictions of religious freedom

Lead a Child

Lead a Child, formerly Children’s Christian Concern Society, shares the love of Jesus through Christian education with over 22,000 children in 28 countries.

Seeds of Hope

At Seeds of Hope, we recognize that the only way to provide these God-given rights to the Arab people is to physically instill hope into their communities. We believe that through providing simple things such as clean water and nutritious food, we can also show them a more profitable way of living.

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Joshua Project
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Pray for God’s Holy Spirit to infiltrate, bringing a powerful spiritual awakening, supernaturally turning the people’s hearts away from the culture of death, hatred and violence that has enslaved so many, towards life, hope and peace. Pray for an Arab Awakening. (Luke 1:37 ‘Nothing will be impossible with God’.) Pray for the Muslim Arabs of the PT to re-hear the message of Pentecost (Acts 2:11) and may God open their hearts to receive the gospel (Acts 16:14). Pray for God to protect the Christians living in the PT, in particular in Hamas-ruled Gaza, as resurgent, intolerant, militant Islamism replaces Arab nationalism and threatens the existence and future of Christian churches, businesses, homes, livelihoods and families. Pray for God to grant the Christians of the PT great heavenly discernment and wisdom with great grace and courage so they might demonstrate the gospel truth, that through the Cross of Jesus Christ the two (Jew and Gentile) can be one. (Ephesians 2:15b-16) (source: WEA Religious Liberty Commission)

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