Advancing Native Missions

Partnering with native missionaries to reach the remaining unreached…‘til all hear.

Adventive Cross Cultural Initiatives

acci exists for the purpose of attracting, equipping, sending, and serving the vision of effective leaders…

Adventures in Missions

We have taken over 100,000 people into the mission field, some for as short as a week and others for as long as a year or longer. In several places around the world we minister year-round to “the least of these”. We believe that by giving people the opportunity to hold orphans, bring hope to the hopeless, and pray for the sick, lives are transformed.
We seek to disciple as Jesus did; our vision is that God would use us to raise up a generation of radically committed disciples of Jesus Christ.


Since 1986, AIMS has partnered with leaders, churches, and ministries to help them reach the world’s least reached people groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through seminars, training events, and other resources, we have mobilized these entities to minister more effectively and plant churches in these very regions throughout the world.

All God’s Children International

We serve the world’s orphan and vulnerable children by offering hope through the life-changing ministries of adoption, orphan care and missions. Each year, AGCI unites nearly 200 orphans from around the world with their forever families across the United States. Through AGCI’s Hannah’s Hope orphan homes, children are provided medical care, education, ministry and safety while waiting to be placed in loving homes. Additionally, AGCI provides orphan care for the unadoptable, family preservation projects, and short-term mission trips to help provide the shelter, care, and love that every child deserves.

Bible League International

Bibles and other Scripture materials – We provide Bibles and Scripture materials for churches and ministries to use in their evangelism and discipleship efforts. We publish Easy-to-Read™ Bibles, New Testaments, Scripture portions (Gospels, Proverbs), and a booklet called The Life of Jesus. These Scripture products are available in print and digital formats

Bible Training Center for Pastors

The History of BTCP — In 1988 Dennis Mock taught a conference for pastors in Mombasa, Kenya… 

Blessings International

Blessings International heals the hurting globally and locally by providing life-saving pharmaceuticals, vitamins and medical supplies to medical mission teams, clinics and hospitals; B.I. builds healthy communities by enabling medical professionals and volunteers to effectively treat the sick and victims of endemic medical problems

Childcare Worldwide

At Childcare Worldwide, our unique programs not only help feed hungry children and their families, they also help children receive an education that leads to employment. Our goal is to help children survive and succeed. 
Our mission is to build a bridge between concerned people in the West and children in the developing world, to help meet their spiritual and physical needs through a ministry that emphasizes education and is based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

China Ministries International

Three-fold vision of CMI: CMI is an international mission organization dedicated to a three-fold vision of the “Evangelization of China,” the “Kingdomization of the Chinese Church,” and the “Christianization of China.” We seek to implement this vision through an integrated approach of research, training, and sending the glory of the Father, by authority of the Lord Jesus, and the workings of the Holy Spirit.

China Partner

Mission: To serve the Church in China as they fulfill the Great Commission


Since China’s reopening to the outside world three decades ago, faith-based organizations have played a quiet yet significant role in contributing to China’s social, economic and spiritual development. Teaching on university campuses, providing medical care in rural villages, starting new enterprises, helping to train church leaders, responding in times of natural disaster—volunteers from within China and around the world have provided valuable service in a spirit of love and with a message of hope.

Christian Aid Mission

Christian Aid is generally considered to be the first missionary agency to support and promote indigenous mission groups. It has been the catalyst behind the present reformation in foreign missions methodology.

Corban University

Corban is a gospel-driven community of scholars and leaders who seek to bring a biblical perspective to all areas of study and practice…


DAI’s basic approach is to listen first, research the real needs of leaders, then design tools that respond to those needs effectively and begin putting in place an indigenous distribution system to enable leaders to access those tools. Every course DAI has written came about this way, including the popular Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) program that currently has over 1,000 students enrolled. Local Christian leaders grow in their integrity and effectiveness through ongoing training, mentoring, consulting and access to critical resources. DAI’s programs continue to grow and evolve as new needs are identified or needs change.

Digital BIble Society

The Digital Bible Society works with ministries to gather Bibles and digital resources in text, audio, and video formats that can be freely copied and distributed in the world’s languages.

Door of Hope International

Door of Hope International (DOHI) is a Voice and a Helping Hand to persecuted Christians worldwide. Founded by Dr. Haralan Popov who was imprisoned and tortured for his faith in Jesus Christ for 13 years in Communist Bulgaria. Since 1972, DOHI has delivered more than one million New Testaments and Bibles to Christians living under persecution and restrictions of religious freedom


FAME impacts thousands of adults and children globally through better medical access and care. These life-changing improvements come through FAME’s broad programming across three core targets: Sustainable Medical Projects, Shipping Medicines and Medical Supplies, and Mobilization of Short-term Trips

Far East Broadcasting Company

INTERNATIONAL GOSPEL BROADCASTS GO WHERE MISSIONARIES CAN’T — Persecution, lack of education, and social or geographical isolation keep more than 2.7 billion people world-wide from hearing the message of Jesus.

Global Grace Fellowship

Global Grace Fellowship has a passion to see people of all nations surrender to Jesus Christ and His life-giving grace. We do not focus on any single mission or strategy or region. Instead, we welcome any missionary with a God-given vision that advances the Great Commission.

Go To Nations

GO TO NATIONS, in global partnership with the body of Christ, trains leaders to change nations, ignites the fires of evangelism, brings hope to the hurting, and plants strong national churches

Jesus Kept It Simple

To share the Gospel message throughout the world, as “simply” as possible. 

Joy Partners

Joy Partners International, a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization, was incorporated in November 1999 in California. Its purpose is to proclaim the Love of God and bring JOY to the world, and to help Christians become better stewards for the Kingdom.

LIFE Outreach International

LIFE Outreach International is an evangelistic ministry with operations across North America and around the world.  Its TV program, LIFE TODAY, hosted by LIFE founder James Robison and his wife, Betty, employs an interactive format to present God’s love in practical form to over 100 million homes across the U.S. and Canada daily.

Lighthouse Christian Academy

Lighthouse Christian Academy is a small Christian high school in Santa Monica with a dual mission: to help struggling youths find Jesus, to prepare academically the college-bound.


Our purpose is to equip leaders in many nations with the heart of the Father by connecting, strengthening,   and expanding strategic relationships and stewarding donor relations with God’s rising army of awakening people in all sectors of societies

NewLife Behavior International

NewLife Behavior Ministries began helping reconcile individuals to God, family, and community in 1984. It has its roots in 2 Corinthians 5:12-21 where we are exhorted to be reconciled to God and then become ambassadors for Christ.

OMF International

God has given us a heart for Asia and the desire to bring his hope to billions.

Open Doors USA

Open Doors works in the world’s most oppressive countries, strengthening Christians to stand strong in the face of persecution and equipping them to shine Christ’s light in these dark places.

Operation Mobilization USA

Operation Mobilisation’s role in the Church is to mobilise people to share the knowledge of Jesus and His love with every generation in every nation.

Partners International

Partners International is a global ministry that works to create and grow communities of Christian witness in partnership with God’s people in the least Christian regions of the world.


100 million people impacted with the gospel around the world. ReachGlobal is the international arm of the EFCA, existing to multiply healthy churches among all people for the glory of God. 

SEND International

Our mission is to mobilize God’s people and engage the unreached in order to establish reproducing churches.

The Voice of the Martyrs

We help Christians who are or have been, persecuted for their involvement in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. We provide medical assistance, food, clothing, and other forms of aid.
We support Christians who are willing to invite their fellow men, even their persecutors, to Jesus Christ through faithful deeds of love in a hostile environment. We supply Bibles, literature, radios, and other evangelistic tools.

Transformacion Mundial/LCDMP

Began a few years ago with a dream to transform more than a country, but a world. This dream has become a reality through the understanding that the investments and planting of one seed can produce an abundant harvest that goes beyond one location.


Our mission is to unveil God’s glory with the church, so believers of all ages passionately radiate His Glory in all areas of their lives and become engaged in revealing it to all peoples of the world.

World Venture

WorldVenture is people. A network of partners working together with a shared vision to see people of all nations transformed by Jesus Christ.
WorldVenture is you. Without your involvement through prayer and giving and service little could be accomplished.
WorldVenture is a community of more than 500 missionaries working in more than 65 countries around the globe.
WorldVenture is a committed staff, working from our Headquarters Office in Colorado and Church Connections Regional Offices across the United States to facilitate the work of missions and to assist churches with their worldwide vision.
The WorldVenture community also shares in a 65-year heritage of mission-minded Christians who have given of themselves to see the work of Christ advance around the world. The organization has a history in the Baptist tradition; today our staff and missionaries come from many evangelical Christian backgrounds.

World Vision

Our vision for every child, life in all its fullness;
Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so.
World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

Country Map

Joshua Project
Fast Facts
Growth rate:
Ethnic Religions:
Smaller religions:
Christian breakdown
Roman Catholic


Pray that the Refiner’s fire might keep burning and that the Church’s spiritual cutting edge – honed in the midst of persecution – might not be blunted.

Pray for God’s Sovereign hand at work in and through the Chinese government; pray that all forms of wickedness may be opposed, that kindness be shown to the oppressed and that justice and prosperity for all be the goals of China’s economic and foreign policies.

Pray that the atheism promoted for so long – and now so assiduously propagated in the education system – will finally be revealed as hollow and deceptive lies. Pray also that all followers of Christ working in state structures might walk faultlessly and be a redemptive force within the government.

Pray that changes in society might be well managed, peaceful and ultimately of spiritual benefit to China.

Pray for wise policies to be implemented for the elderly that will stabilize the population.

Pray that Christians in the caring and social professions find many openings to serve the suffering and to show and speak to them about the love of Jesus. Pray also for Christian lawyers who attempt to stand for justice on behalf of those unable to do so themselves.

Pray that true justice be administered to the vulnerable in society, that rescue be granted to those in imminent danger and that mercy and compassion be shown to these through Christ’s followers.

Pray for family stability and well-being. Pray for many Christians to get involved in drug rehabilitation, marital counseling and suicide prevention.

Pray for a government courageous and trusted enough to make the difficult decisions required for the long-term well-being of the nation’s environment.

Pray for increased printing and distribution of Bibles and Christian materials by the Three Self Patriotic Movement. Pray for revival and renewal to purify the TSPM and its associated churches. Pray for TSPM/CCC leaders and congregations to continue growing in their faith and sharing Christ with an increasingly interested Chinese population.

Pray for good relations between traditional house-church networks and the government. Pray that the legacy of fervency, missions vision, commitment to God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit will continue to define this movement as it undergoes change. Protect the house churches from heretical sects and doctrinally extremist groups. Pray that Christians may continue to be bold for Jesus and implement their missionary strategy for reaching China.

Pray for this amazing work of God to continue among urban professionals as He draws many more unto Himself.

Pray for continued guidance from the Holy Spirit, particularly in relation to problems within marriages and families. Pray that leaders find ways to model family relationships that honor God. Pray that wise counsel might be provided for struggling families and individuals, and pray that Chinese Christians might demonstrate the power of the gospel through transformed relationships with spouses, children and parents.

Pray for Christians to seek guidance from Scripture as they develop principles and guidelines for living in the world while still faithful to God.

Pray for formal training structures for the Three Self churches and for God to enable all who must lead, no matter what their circumstances.

Pray for the women in the church, for their strength and wisdom to manage many responsibilities. Pray also for more effective outreach among men and that both men and women might jointly serve the Church.

Pray for those evangelical professors providing biblical teaching despite the prevailing liberal theology and textbooks. Pray that practical holiness might be central in the lives of faculty and students alike.

Pray for an adequate supply of Bibles flowing to and through training programs and for sound teaching and learning materials.

Pray that as changes come, theology, worship and community will enhance the God-given uniqueness of Chinese culture, while at the same time avoiding an unhealthy nationalism or ethnocentrism.

Pray for wisdom, sensitivity and love to govern official partnerships and informal working relationships with mission organizations and specifically for productive interaction with the urban Church.

Pray for quality preparation and training for missions– facilitated in part by servant-hearted expatriate Christians – to equip Chinese churches for a task with which they are largely unfamiliar.

Pray that those lost in hollow and deceptive philosophies might turn their hearts toward Truth and the freedom only the gospel can give.

Pray for Christian parents to train their children, and for strength, endurance and ability for parents, extended families and community members to invest time into families and households. Pray for sound Bible teaching in churches and homes that enables students to discern truth from false teachings. Pray for Christians who will seize the opportunity to found excellent educational institutions attractive to Chinese families.

Pray for Christian university students to be built up in their faith and to be fervent witnesses. Pray for excellent Christian academicians from around the world who will teach at universities and mentor students. Pray for the establishment of Bible study groups on every one of the 2,000 campuses throughout China. Pray also for outreach efforts near campuses through cafés where students can find Bibles and mingle with Christians.

Pray for Christians in other countries to take advantage of opportunities to welcome and witness to Chinese students. Pray also for Chinese who return home as Christians to link well with their local faith communities.

Pray for the evangelization of Muslim people groups.

Pray for global concern for the evangelization of numerous unreached peoples. Pray that a doorway to many peoples, still inaccessible to outsiders, might be opened or re-opened in cases where it has been closed in recent years.

Pray for many Christians to consider responding to the unprecedented appeal to work in China, to serve well and to impart their faith while on the job.

Pray for those who will labor to make God’s Word available in every heart language so that each indigenous Church will have direct access to the Bible. Pray for greater gospel access to least evangelized groups. Pray for the right content to be broadcast to the peoples who most need it.

Pray for Christians from other countries studying in China to be used of God to share Christ with those who are genuinely seeking the Lord.

Pray for compassion and creativity for foreign Christians eager to assist in meeting development needs in Christ’s name.

Pray for the ministry of foreign tourists bringing literature, aid, comfort and, in some cases, teaching. Pray for safety for them and the items they bring with them; pray also for tact and wisdom in their contacts and for respect for the culture and peoples of China.

Pray for well-equipped workers from around the world. Pray for an increase in Christian service in China, and for humility and a depth of language and culture learning that makes witness to Christ more effective at every level.

Pray for equitable Bible distribution across all arms of the Chinese Church. Pray for creativity in providing Bibles to a rapidly growing and diversifying Church. Pray that the flow of Bibles will increase and that all Christians will have access to a copy of the Scriptures. Pray that Bibles might be distributed throughout the country to all who seek God’s Word.

Pray for lasting impact from Christian radio.

Pray for the continued use of the Internet in spreading the good news and nurturing the body of Christ. (Operation World)

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