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High Priest of Santeria caught a vision of hell, until Jesus freed him from the curse

By Anthony Gutierrez

As a high priest of Santería, John Ramirez knew he was destined to join the five main demons of Santería in Hell. But he didn’t care. While he lived, he was respected and feared as a powerful witch in his South Bronx neighborhood.

Born in a family steeped in witchcraft, John was consecrated at an early age under demonic …

Olympic gymnast found her ‘secret’ sister, endured abusive training

By Michael Ashcraft

As she vaulted, tumbled and dismounted, the daring and graceful 14-year-old Dominique Moceanu stole America’s heart as she helped the “Magnificent Seven” win America’s first team gold in women’s gymnastics at the 1996 Olympics.

Little did fans realize that behind the winsome waif was a nightmare life of overbearing Romanian coaches and an iron-fisted dad who would ultimately drive …

Nepal: Influential Buddhist monk receives Jesus

By Mark Ellis

The Nepal earthquake in 2015 killed over 8,000 people and was the worst natural disaster to strike that country since 1934. Hundreds of thousands were left homeless — with entire villages flattened — which prompted many Christian organization to respond with humanitarian aid.

A prominent Buddhist monk observed carefully as Christians helped rebuild his community last year after the massive …

Sylvester Stallone’s prodigal path led him back to faith

By Alex Cervantes

Action megastar Sylvester Stallone has always done his own stunts, which sometimes resulted in broken bones and hospitalizations. The Italian Stallion’s faith in Christ survived many blows as well, until the Hollywood prodigal found his way back to the Lord.

“I was raised in a Christian home,” Stallone told the Dove Foundation. “I was taught the faith and went …

From pauper to prince to preacher

By Mark Ellis

After his father was murdered his mother slid into drug addiction. In and out of shelters and foster care, he received the Lord at six-years-old and immediately began speaking in tongues and preaching the gospel.

“Dad was an auto mechanic and ran his own business,” says Bryce Popken.

“Mom was a beautiful model and it was love at first sight,” …

Dwight Howard answered the call to glorify God in the NBA

By Alex Cervantes

When Dwight Howard was 15 years old, he had national coaches admiring his basketball skills, friends galore following him around and lots of girls throwing him kisses.

Then he broke his leg, and the coaches, the friends, and the girls all disappeared as if by the rapture.

“God said, ‘Dwight, I had to humble you,’” he said in a YouTube …

LeBron James credits ‘Man above’ for historic NBA finals win

By Mark Ellis

Against all odds, the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from a 3 to 1 deficit against the Golden State Warriors to win Cleveland’s first NBA championship in 52 years. Playing with a peace that surprised his teammates, LeBron James credited the “Man above” for his presence of mind.

After the final buzzer sounded, LeBron dropped to his knees on the …

Pacoima gang member now a Christian

Gang member had two strikes against him, then he gave Jesus a try

By Jasmine Cervantes and Mark Ellis

Little Edgar Cervantes shrieked with terror when the cops raided his home in Pacoima, California, hauling his mom, dad and uncle off to jail for the drugs, hot money and stolen jewelry retrieved on the property.

The tyke, then only 6, was unceremoniously dumped off with his grandmother. From a tender age, he was marred.

By the …

Long shot winner of Indy 500 races with Jesus in his car

By Michael Ashcraft

When the 100th Indy 500 concluded, Alexander Rossi had a greater reason to rejoice than his stunning rookie victory: as a Christian, some day he’ll roar into Heaven just as he roared across the finish line at the historic event on May 29.

“I believe there’s a greater plan,” Rossi told Bleacher Report. “I feel that driving race cars …

The day after ‘Azusa Now,’ God sent revival to humble coal-mining town in West Virginia

By Mark Ellis

The day after 70,000 people jammed the L.A. Coliseum to cry out for revival, God sent the wind of the Holy Spirit many miles away to a humble town of 500 in West Virginia coal mining country.

“We’ve prayed for many years for this,” says Mitchell Bias, pastor of the Regional Church of God in Delbarton, West Virginia. His …

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