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Former NFL football player found the Father’s blessing

By Mark Ellis

After he tore all three ligaments in his knee, he thought his dream of future glory on the gridiron was over. Then God met him in a surprising way that changed the course of his life.

From the start — before he drew his first breath – tragedy struck. “I never had a single moment with my father,” says …

Former Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek’s spiritual journey

The story of Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek’s turbulent and often-contradictory spiritual journey

How a king’s concubine in Cameroon became a light to her people

The memory of Lydia Mengwelune is still very much alive in Cameroon, especially in Foumban. Generations of Christians have been born and have multiplied through the witness of this faithful disciple.

When the party turned to prayer in Bangalore

By Mark Ellis and Michelle Rice

Although his parents were zealous missionaries, working in many villages on the outskirts of Bangalore, he wanted nothing to do with God. He saw Christian work as a weak and undesirable path for one’s life.

“I will never be in ministry,” Satish Kumar declared. His early years led him away from God in pursuit of worldly …

He laid his guitar on the altar and God honored the sacrifice

By Mark Ellis

As a believer still young in his faith, God showed him that his passion for music was an obstacle to spiritual growth. After he sold his guitar and parted with many of his albums, God honored his sacrifice in a surprising way.

“Before I came to Christ, I was heavily involved with music – it was an obsession for …

Eat, Pray and Love: How a Bible verse written in lipstick and a trip to the Sistine Chapel brought spiritual awakening

By Mark Ellis

When she sat down in front of a vanity to have her hair done in her sophomore year of college, there was no way to know this would mark the beginning of a spiritual journey that would change the course of her life.

“People always talk about the incredible changes that occur during college, but I had no idea …

Olympic swimming champion found unconditional love in Jesus

Olympic swimming champion John Naber reveals the secret to his relaxed attitude in high-pressure competition

Player on NBA’s first all-Black starting team stands tall for Jesus

Willie Naulls played on the first all-Black NBA starting team with the Boston Celtics. Through Rosey Grier’s influence, he found Christ later in life.

Former Dodgers pitcher measures success God’s way

Story of former Dodgers pitcher Joe Moeller, who pitched for the team from 1962 to 1971

Encounter with Jesus on the moon left astronaut changed

Apollo 15 Astronaut James Irwin had an encounter with God on the moon that left him a changed man.

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