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Married couple find Jesus after He appears to each of them in dreams


By Mark Ellis

Jesus continues to reveal himself to Muslims throughout the Middle East – often in dreams and visions – in this case appearing nearly simultaneously in the dreams of two married refugees who fled from Syria.

Until the Syrian civil war, Amir* and Rasha* enjoyed a peaceful existence in the third largest city in Syria, Homs, which once had over 600,000 …

Imam hated Christians until Jesus raised him from the dead


By Mark Ellis

He not only hated Christians, he directed his followers at the mosque to attack them. But after he died and was being prepared for burial, he stunned his family by returning to life with a new message of salvation.

Munaf Ali*, 45, was an influential imam as well as scholar and preacher of Islam in a Middle Eastern country.

One …

Julianna Zobrist sings God Bless America at World Series

By Aimee Herd

After 9-11, all the MLB teams incorporated a portion of “God Bless America” into their 7th-inning stretch routine, but 15-years-later, many teams have dropped that practice.

Not so during the 2016 World Series—in fact some remarkable people stepped up to lend their voices this week.

94-year-old finds Jesus, gets dunked

By Brian Blackwell

Wearing a shower cap only moments from entering the baptismal waters, Ophelia White was beaming with excitement.

With the encouragement of friends gathered in the Cook Baptist Church worship center, the 94-year-old new believer was baptized, answering the prayers of those closest to her.

“I want people to know it’s never too late,” White said. “Get with it.”

Labeled bi-polar, she tried suicide multiple times, until she found hope and healing in Jesus

By Michael Ashcraft

Nine times Shannon Palmer attempted to commit suicide.

“They were surprised that I lived,” she said. She searched Google to find the right dose to snuff her life while she slept.

A daddy’s girl despite his drug addiction, she was hit hard by her father’s abandonment when she was seven. Her mom slipped on a patch of ice in a …

She rose from the dead to tell her Muslim family and friends about Jesus

By Steve Rees

After lying naked and cold in a morgue for two days, Sabina saw herself hopelessly stuck at the bottom of a deep well.

Surrounded by corpses covered with linen sheets, Sabina had a vision of a tree growing at the top of the well. From its trunk, a branch moved toward her as she lay on a hospital gurney. …

American Idol star Jason Castro publicly confesses porn addiction, puts Jesus first

By Mark Ellis

He was one of four finalists during the 2008 season of American Idol, then the singer’s rendition of “Hallelujah” went to the number one spot on the iTunes singles chart.

But since his late teens he had been harboring an “awkward” secret: “I hate to say this. It’s embarrassing, but I was addicted to pornography,” Jason Castro declared on …

At only 12 she was trafficked in Texas, held in underground bunker, lit on fire and thrown in the trash, but God…

By Mark Ellis

She grew up in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area and from a very young age knew nothing but physical and sexual abuse at the hands of a male family member.

“In the 6th grade I was yanked out of school,” Melissa Woodward shared with Pure Passion Ministries in a heartbreaking video exposé of trafficking in America.

The family member began taking her …

Scrap of paper in the road led man to Christ


By Wycliffe Bible Translators

(Note: the story of Silverio Lopez was first told by William Cameron Townsend, the founder of Wycliffe)

Silverio Lopez was one of the few in his village who understood a little Spanish. When he went to work in Guatemala City, he bought a Spanish Bible. But it was filled with so many words he couldn’t understand that he …

Syrian woman had dream for six nights of men coming with Good News; on the seventh day they arrived


By Mark Ellis

As the Syrian civil war continues after a failed cease-fire, many Muslims are encountering God, including a mother with confounding dreams that left her in a state of anticipation.

“The woman dreamt repeatedly of a man who told her that three people would come and bring her good news,” according to a ministry director for Christian Aid Mission (CAM).

“She …

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