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Batman, move over – Jesus saves in NYC

By Brandon Montes

New York City – never considered the spiritual heartbeat of America — is now experiencing revival, especially among millennials flocking to upbeat services within vibrant faith communities.

“A lot of people told us, ‘this is the graveyard of churches. Don’t go there. All the hipsters won’t want to come to church.’ We felt that’s the best place to be, …

Embers of revival fire still burning in North Carolina

By Mark Ellis

He hadn’t set foot in church for 12 years, but got caught up in the revival that hit Burlington, North Carolina this year and became one of its primary evangelists. He’s been preaching almost every night since the revival “officially” ended, but God is still moving and many are responding.

“We’ve seen over 300 people saved over the last 4-6 …

Pastor’s wayward son born-again in North Carolina revival

By Mark Ellis

He grew up in a pastor’s home, and spent “endless hours” in church. His father traveled frequently, preaching in evangelistic crusades. But the son had a superficial response to his father’s message and after he left home, spent a dozen years pursuing worldly pleasures.

“I’ve been a preacher’s kid my entire life,” says D.R. Harrison, 34. “I traveled across the country with …

Evangelist declares West Virginia revival is not over

By Mark Ellis

After a few weeks of rest, the young evangelist at the center of the revival in West Virginia that brought 4,000 to Christ, says God is not done pouring out his Spirit in coal country and beyond.

“Hear me West Virginia. I know that God has moved in the last eight weeks where over 4000 people have come to …

In North Carolina revival, God saturated one town with his presence

By Mark Ellis

Pastor Randy Hobbs has been pastoring New Hope Baptist Church in Burlington for 37 years, but he’s never seen anything like the revival that began on Mother’s Day of this year and continued until July 29th.

The church invited evangelist C.T. Townsend, 34, to visit for a week. “We had such a mighty move of God in breakthrough power …

Revival hits conference in France

By Mark Ellis

Hundreds of people attending a conference in France surrendered their lives to Jesus as their Savior and Lord, according to a CBN report.

People from throughout Europe gathered at the Grande Conference in Nantes, France, held July 1st through 3rd.

The stated purpose was to call an increasingly secular Europe back to a true relationship with God.

The key motto of …

In ‘Coal Country Revival,’ 4000 gave their lives to Christ

By Mark Ellis

In the small towns that dot the mountainous coal region of West Virginia, a revival that began in early April brought 4,000 souls to Christ over eight weeks.

“My life has gone back to normal,” says Bo Copley, the unemployed coal miner who had a brief encounter with Hillary Clinton when she visited Williamson. Copley, his wife, and their children, …

80 Muslim refugees find Jesus in Germany, get baptized

By Mark Ellis

A church in Hamburg, Germany recently conducted a mass baptism filled with Muslim converts who had become disillusioned with Islam and were looking for truth.

“The motive for the change of faith is the same for many: they are disappointed with Islam,” Pastor Albert Babajan, of the Alpha Omega Church in Hamburg told Mohabat News.

The day after ‘Azusa Now,’ God sent revival to humble coal-mining town in West Virginia

By Mark Ellis

The day after 70,000 people jammed the L.A. Coliseum to cry out for revival, God sent the wind of the Holy Spirit many miles away to a humble town of 500 in West Virginia coal mining country.

“We’ve prayed for many years for this,” says Mitchell Bias, pastor of the Regional Church of God in Delbarton, West Virginia. His …

China: God brings revival to communist-controlled government churches

By Mark Ellis

When one walks through the doors of this Three Self Church in southeast China, men and women are singing and worshiping God with exuberance, dancing, waving flags and even blowing the shofar.

“Dramatic changes are happening,” Pastor Duan Huilai told CBN News. “God is moving in a powerful way inside these Three-Self Churches.”

Pastor Duan and his wife have traveled …

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