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352 babies saved from abortion

By Shawn Carney

During the “40 Days for Life campaign,” we are aware of at least 352 babies who have been saved from abortion! Here are just a few of the great reports of the Lord’s victories.

In Nashville, 40 Days for Life vigil participants watched as a car pulled up to the abortion center. A woman got out — while a man …

Diminutive Italian evangelist killed in Mexico had premonition from the Lord

By Mark Ellis

His mother was urged to abort him. A childhood brain tumor meant he never grew taller than 4’1”. Yet this pint-sized Italian street-preacher became a mighty voice for the gospel, leading many to Christ throughout Italy and Africa.

Tragically, Alessandro Sacco was killed in an auto accident in Mexico City on March 6th, at the start of a two-month …

Catholic midwives forced to participate in abortions

By John-Henry Westin

EDINBURGH, U.K. — Judgment was handed down today in the case of two senior midwives from Glasgow who have a conscientious objection to abortion. The midwives have been told that they must accept the decision of their hospital management that they must oversee other midwives performing abortions on the labour ward.

Lady Smith, judge in the Court of Session …

Boy born with heart outside body astonishes doctors after parents reject abortion


Ryan Marquiss, now three years old, was diagnosed with two rare heart conditions when his mother Leighann was twelve weeks pregnant. Although Leighann and Ryan’s father Henry were told by doctors that no child had survived these conditions and advised the parents to abort him, they chose instead to hope for the best and rejected abortion.

Doctors said that …

Obama challenged on abortion at National Prayer Breakfast

By Emily Belz
Speakers at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in the nation’s capital usually keep their talks diplomatic. After all, the room is filled with ambassadors, lawmakers from both parties, Cabinet members, and people of various faiths from around the world.

Eric Metaxas

But Eric Metaxas, the featured speaker Feb. 2 and the author of biographies on Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce, …

Louisiana is the most pro-life state, Washington the least

By Tom Strode

Louisiana is the most pro-life state in the country, while Washington is the least, according to the latest rankings by Americans United for Life.

It was the second time in three years that Louisiana has held the top spot on a list based on the states’ policies on life issues such as abortion and physician-assisted suicide. Last year, Louisiana …

Communist woman in North Korea endured prison, found faith in Christ after her release

She saw forced abortions, infanticide, and  harsh treatment of Christians

By Mark Ellis

            She entered Kaechon Prison a loyal communist, but lost her faith in the godless ideology of North Korea under horrifying conditions, then found faith in Christ after her release and a daring escape to freedom in South …

FDA may permit ‘morning-after’ abortion pill on store shelves

A “morning-after” pill that can cause abortions may soon be as simple to purchase as deodorant and hair spray.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must decide by Wednesday whether it will permit the drug known as Plan B to be sold on store shelves instead of from behind pharmacy counters, The Washington Post reported. Wednesday is the deadline for …

Scientist who cloned sheep says to stop embryonic stem cell research

By Michael Foust

The scientist who led the team that cloned Dolly the sheep has urged fellow researchers to forego embryonic stem cell research — which he says is fraught with practical problems — and pursue more promising types of research.

That’s because he believes other research likely will overtake embryonic stem cell research.

Pro-life video “180” goes viral on the internet

The one question that changes minds about abortion 

By Mark Ellis

Ray Comfort, the noted author and apologist, started to make a video about Hitler’s religion when he suddenly realized he found a

powerful tool to alter people’s minds about abortion. He abruptly changed the direction of his project, which led to a new video he calls “180.” That video has since gone …

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