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Sex trafficking in America: one woman’s story

By Mark Ellis

She grew up poor, in one of the decaying mill towns of Massachusetts. After she ran away from home, she was groomed and finally drawn into the dark world of sex trafficking, a virtual prisoner in one of the most free and prosperous countries in the world.

“I was conceived in a violent rape, so I always felt like …

After a brutal rape and unexpected pregnancy she was told to abort, but she and her husband took a different path

By Mark Ellis and Michael Ashcraft

She was accosted in January while staying at a small hotel in a college town. There on business, Jennifer never realized she was being followed until she turned around to close the door to her hotel room.

“It was so snowy and windy that I wouldn’t have heard his footsteps even if he had been stomping,” …

Studies support link between abortion and breast cancer

A scientific review conducted by Angela Lanfranchi, MD and Patrick Fagan, Ph.D. found that support for an abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link exists in current knowledge of breast physiology (as it is presented in standard medical texts), as well as epidemiological and experimental research. The review, published in Issues in Law and Medicine, is entitled, “Breast cancer and induced abortion: A …

International model overcame personal suffering, found hope in Christ

By Mark Ellis

She overcame a damaging skin disease to grace the covers of Harper’s, Vogue, Elle and other fashion magazines. Then her jet-set European lifestyle began to unravel after a coercive abortion and a series of tragedies that left her searching for answers.

“I was diagnosed with psoriasis at eight years old,” says Karin Holstein, author of her own story: Cover …

Born with a hole in her heart, she saw Jesus before angels carried her home

By Mark Ellis

No one guessed little Giselle had a heart problem until a routine doctor’s check-up at seven months old. But her short, joy-filled life ended with visions of Jesus and heaven, a comfort to those who loved her most.

“I don’t know why Giselle was born this way,” says Tamrah Janulis, Giselle’s mother. “That’s one of the questions I will …

Ireland: 800 babies found in septic tank near home for unwed mothers

By Mark Ellis

A grim septic tank next to a former home for unwed mothers run by Catholic nuns from 1925 to 1961 was found this week to contain the skeletons of nearly 800 infants and children.

The Home – once a refuge for so-called “fallen women” — was run by the Bon Secours nuns in Tuam, according to IrishCentral. The mothers …

Mary oversees nursery in heaven, Burpos say

By Mark Ellis

Her glorious position among Roman Catholics cannot be understated, while evangelicals tend to minimize her role in their devotional life. But her role in heaven speaks to a unique calling, according to the father and son behind the blockbuster movie Heaven is for Real.

When doctors inexplicably missed four-year-old Colton Burpo’s burst appendix, and the resulting infection nearly took …

Young African-American woman dies after late-term abortion

By Mark Ellis

Lakisha Wilson, 22, passed away following a late-term abortion March 21st at the Preterm abortion facility in Cleveland, Ohio.

Wilson was transported by ambulance to University Hospitals Case Medical Center shortly before noon on the 21st, where she was treated, expired and was pronounced dead on March 28th, according to a statement released by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s …

Midwife says she won’t do abortions, Sweden says she can’t work

By Morningstar News

A Christian woman in Sweden has been unable to find work as a midwife since a hospital where she interned last year let her go for refusing to help perform abortions.

Hospital officials in the southern town of Eksjö had promised to extend Ellinor Grimmark’s contract until she refused to participate in abortions last summer, she said. Another hospital agreed to hire Grimmark …

69 Years after Auschwitz, the deception of abortion ‘death camps’

By Gary McCullough

The whistle bellowed and the tracks creaked, as we slowed, then stopped.   Shaking from the cold, I knew my anxiety would soon pass. Folded in my vest pocket was my future, my family’s future. The deed to a dairy farm, complete with four cows. We had sold most everything in order to secure our peace; to purchase this …

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