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When girls get raped at 14 by tribal custom, there is an urgency for the Gospel in these remote Peruvian villages

By Mark Ellis

It is still warm in the early evening as Pastor Ricardo Hidalgo Rojas edges his aging, flat-bottom boat “Evangelista” into the tiny village of Santa Elise. Children crowd the banks of the Yucayali River, a tributary of the Amazon, a five-hour boat ride from Pucallpa.

Of the 350 Shipibo people inhabiting this primitive village of thatched roof, single room …

Nepal: Hindu priest doubted Jesus, until He showed up in a powerful way

By Vivian Chou and Mark Ellis

If 330 million gods and goddesses couldn’t respond to his prayers, Kosh Dahal doubted whether one God like Jesus could do very much. Plus, the Nepalese was a Hindu priest from the highest caste in Nepal, and he didn’t want to submit to a belief system he perceived as having a lower status.

“There was no …

He felt the miracle of God’s warm embrace in a frozen gulag

By Mark Ellis

Alexander Ogorodnikov grew up in the former Soviet Union at a time when the communist government wanted to rid society of all religious influences. While his father was a loyal member of the Communist Party, his grandmother had him secretly baptized.

“After the Revolution the Bolsheviks declared a war on Christianity,” Alexander noted, in a talk he gave at …

When tribes beg for missionaries to come

By Mark Ellis

At New Tribes Mission (NTM), they collect many letters from indigenous people groups in Papua New Guinea pleading for missionaries to come and tell them about God, people earnestly seeking truth amidst the uncertainty of death and the afterlife.

The following letter was sent by Aiben Awanhi of Isahu Village and received by NTM a few years ago:

Jesus appears to Muslim family, tells them He is sending a man to tell them more

By Mark Ellis


Tyler Connell with the Ekballo Project has been touring college campuses around the U.S., sharing stories and video from his most recent trip to Middle East, where he documented a dramatic move of God among Muslims, particularly with refugees.

In the last few months, he and his team visited Harvard, MIT, Iowa State, Clemson, and the University of Georgia, among …

On anniversary of Azusa Street revival, Lou Engle hopes to fill L.A. Coliseum, see another great awakening

By Robin Tench and Mark Ellis

The Azusa Call set for April 9th at the LA Coliseum will be the culmination of dreams, visions, and prophecies that inspired Christian leader Lou Engle to take a giant leap of faith in his hunger for revival to sweep the world.

He hopes 120,000 of all ages will join together for a day of worship and …

Orthodox Jew found Jeshua-Jesus in Israel, miracles unfolded in his life

By Mark Ellis

He grew up in the former Soviet Union, but at 17 his Jewish family fled the crumbling communist system and immigrated to Israel.

“When I first came to Israel, I fell in love with the country,” says Neriyah Arabov. “The first thing that touched my heart was the amazing sense of patriotism in everyone that I met,” he told …

After a demon pinned him to his bed, this Muslim turned to Jesus

By Mark Ellis

He grew up in Kuwait in a Sunni Muslim family, but when his brother came home from America a Christian – and after a dramatic visitation by a demon – he decided to consider the claims of Jesus.

“We fasted during the month of Ramadan and Friday prayers were normal,” says Naeem Fazal about his upbringing in the wealthy …

Caitlyn Jenner prays with Pastor Ed Young at Houston megachurch

By Mark Ellis

Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender activist once known as Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner, prayed with Pastor Ed Young Sr. following a Christmas pageant at Houston’s Second Baptist Church.

The pastor’s son, Ed Young Jr., posted their photos and tweeted about it. He is also a pastor, at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas,

ISIS kills three Christians on video, threatens to kill 200 more

By Morning Star News

The terrorist group Islamic State (IS) killed three Assyrian Christians late last month, presumably in Syria, according to an execution video.

In the video, the group threatened to kill some 200 other Christians in Syria unless it receives a ransom of $50,000 each for their release.

In the video, three men dressed in orange jumpers are shown kneeling in …

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