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Freed Nigerian schoolgirls praise God; 83 more may be released soon

By Mark Ellis

The sweet joy of freedom’s air filled 21 Chibok schoolgirls released from captivity in Nigeria. Now delicate negotiations are underway to release 83 more of the 275 Chibok schoolgirls originally kidnapped by Muslim extremists in 2014.

“Praise the Lord! We are thankful,” Helen Musa exclaimed, one of the 21. “We never imagined we would see this day.

“But with the …

Church leader operating in Middle East receives death threats, asks for prayer

By Mark Ellis

Pastor Paul and his team are courageously spreading the Gospel in restricted countries in South Asia and the Middle East. A very pointed, dire death threat he received recently caused him to reach out and request prayer from believers around the world.

This is the text of the death threat he received October 15th:

“Hey Paul, son of Kafir,

You are not …

God brought dust storm to protect new believers from terrorist attack

By Mark Ellis

At least 50 Christians in the Middle East directly experienced God’s mighty hand of protection from Islamist militants when He caused a giant dust storm to hide them from their attackers.

The story of divine protection began with a baptism held in secret.

“By the ever loving grace of God, 24 believers of Jesus Christ from Islam received baptism in …

David Platt recounts story of man raised from dead in Southeast Asia

By Mark Ellis

In a remote Southeast Asian village, a leader’s death and apparent resurrection from the dead fueled revival among a previously unreached group.

Pastor David Platt shared the story with the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee Sept. 19 in Nashville, according to Baptist Press. Platt currently serves as president of the Southern Baptist’s mission board. The report came to Platt …

Matchmaking God brought true love after prophetic dreams

By Mark Ellis

A hideous violation by her second husband left her wondering if she could every trust a man again. Then her best friend died from cancer, and a series of prophetic words and dreams opened her heart to love again.

Originally from Canada, Elizabeth Coll moved to California with her daughter and second husband. “What we went through in our …

Transgender surgery left him confused and suicidal, until a powerful vision of Jesus changed his heart

By Mark Ellis

At a young age, he suffered abuse at the hands of several family members, which left him psychologically scarred. Many years later, after gender reassignment surgery failed to heal his brokenness, he found healing at a deeper level.

His traumatic journey began at four-years-old, when his grandmother – for whatever reason – started cross-dressing him. “By the time I was …

9/11 Remembrance: only known survivor from impact zone credits God

By Mark Ellis

The 9/11 Commission credits Stanley Praimnath as the only known survivor from the impact zone at the World Trade Center towers on September 11.

“The Lord saw fit for me to live,” says Praimnath, who works in the banking industry in New York.  His riveting tale of survival is chronicled in “Plucked from the Fire” (Rosedog Books), coauthored with …

Taxi driver beat his wife, then discovered it is better to enter heaven with one eye than hell with two

By Mark Ellis

Sapru, 48, was brought up in South Asia and became an atheist and ardent communist. “I never believed in Jesus Christ or the Christian religion,” he says. He drove a taxi to support himself and his wife, Blessey.

Most of his friends were alcoholics and he became addicted to alcohol as well.

His wife, however, was a strong Christian, a …

Teenager saved 18 refugees in Aegean Sea, became Olympic swimmer

By Mark Ellis

When her overloaded refugee boat broke down between Turkey and Greece last year, a Syrian teen and her sister jumped into frigid Aegean waters and used ropes to tow the boat to safety, saving 18 lives. Incredibly, her survival allowed her to became part of the 2016 Olympic competition in swimming as part of the refugee team.

“In Syria I …

In North Carolina revival, God saturated one town with his presence

By Mark Ellis

Pastor Randy Hobbs has been pastoring New Hope Baptist Church in Burlington for 37 years, but he’s never seen anything like the revival that began on Mother’s Day of this year and continued until July 29th.

The church invited evangelist C.T. Townsend, 34, to visit for a week. “We had such a mighty move of God in breakthrough power …

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