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Another Epistle to The Corinthians

By Nico Bougas

Is been some time since the Apostle Paul wrote his two letters to the Corinthians. In the coming summer vacations some 750 villages and towns in the area surrounding Corinth, Greece will again be receiving the letters from Paul, as well as the rest of the New Testament writers.

Around 300 volunteers from around the world will take part in …

Oral Disciple Making: Changing the Face of Missions

70% of the world’s population are considered oral learners. They can’t, don’t or won’t read, or prefer to learn and communicate by means other than writing. Also, 2252 languages still have no Scripture translated into their heart language, so oral training becomes essential.

Unprecedented appearance of foreign evangelist in Vietnam

The first appearance by a U.S.-based evangelist preaching at a major event since the 1975 communist victory in Vietnam helped the country’s Protestants celebrate their centennial last weekend after government officials gave last-minute approval.

In what seems to have become standard government procedure in Vietnam, permission requested months in advance was granted just three hours before the first major celebration of the …

Slumdog was “under-done”

I met this morning with Jossy Chacko. His organization, Empart, has started over 4,000 house churches in north India.

His heart was broken for the poor on a train trip to see the Taj Mahal on his honeymoon. A small boy named Raju was sweeping his train car very diligently. Jossy and his wife befriended the boy and (unbelievably) invited him …

Rick Warren issues call for greater collaboration, partnering in missions

Pastor Rick Warren challenged the church to work together to complete The Great Commission.

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