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Turkey: New government order makes it easier to deport Christian workers

By Mark Ellis

An emergency order issued Oct. 29th will expedite the process to deport expatriates from Turkey, another blow to Christian workers serving there from other countries. This month Turkish authorities ordered the deportation of two U.S. Christians.

The directive removes the requirement for a court decision before a foreigner can be deported. Now the government, specifically the Ministry of the …

The cross of Christ returns to the Ninevah plains

There were tears, soldiers praying, priests singing. This was the moment thousands of Iraqi Christians had been

waiting for: the Cross, symbol of Christ’s victory over evil, deemed illegal by IS, had returned to the Christian villages in Iraq’s Nineveh Plain.

This came as news continues to emerge of more villages reclaimed from the Islamic State (IS), and more signs of destruction …

Julianna Zobrist sings God Bless America at World Series

By Aimee Herd

After 9-11, all the MLB teams incorporated a portion of “God Bless America” into their 7th-inning stretch routine, but 15-years-later, many teams have dropped that practice.

Not so during the 2016 World Series—in fact some remarkable people stepped up to lend their voices this week.

Man hears how wonderful Jesus is, asks for His phone number and contact info

By Mark Ellis

During an outreach at a train station in Sydney, Australia, a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) team member had a conversation with a man about Jesus that led to a very unexpected exchange.

After praying, the YWAM team felt led by the Sprit to the Blacktown train station, in western Sydney. “None of us had any idea what would …

Church leader operating in Middle East receives death threats, asks for prayer

By Mark Ellis

Pastor Paul and his team are courageously spreading the Gospel in restricted countries in South Asia and the Middle East. A very pointed, dire death threat he received recently caused him to reach out and request prayer from believers around the world.

This is the text of the death threat he received October 15th:

“Hey Paul, son of Kafir,

You are not …

American church leaders held in Turkey, will be deported

By Mark Ellis

Turkish officials in the coastal city of Izmir have been holding American church leaders Andrew and Norine Brunson since October 7th and denying access to them by U.S. consular officials and lawyers.

The Turkish Interior Ministry has also ordered the couple’s deportation within 15 days, stating they constitute a “national security risk,” according to World Watch Monitor (WWM).

The Brunsons have …

Report: ISIS filling moats with oil as battle for Mosul looms

By Mark Ellis

Signals on the ground suggest the retaking of Mosul from ISIS terrorists is imminent, and in their desperate attempt to ward off “infidels” they are resorting to nefarious, medieval stratagems.

Christian ministries in the region are bracing for a massive humanitarian crisis resulting from the battle for Iraq’s second-largest city — still containing over a million people.

The five-minute guide on where to send your short-term mission teams

By Shane Bennett, Mission Catalyst

This Five-Minute Guide will help you help your church choose or develop questions that accomplish God’s purposes.

Five key questions will get you started.

What is the broad missions strategy of your church?

What? You church doesn’t have this? Hmmm, better start with the Five-Minute Guide to Developing a Global Missions Focus at Your Church. (Trouble is, that Guide’s not …

Syrian woman had dream for six nights of men coming with Good News; on the seventh day they arrived


By Mark Ellis

As the Syrian civil war continues after a failed cease-fire, many Muslims are encountering God, including a mother with confounding dreams that left her in a state of anticipation.

“The woman dreamt repeatedly of a man who told her that three people would come and bring her good news,” according to a ministry director for Christian Aid Mission (CAM).

“She …

Jesus appeared as bus driver to Muslim pilgrim in Mecca

By Mark Ellis

When a discouraged Muslim pilgrim boarded a bus in Mecca to return home, he wasn’t prepared for a personal encounter with Jesus and the filling of the Holy Spirit.

“Omar’s life was empty and yet full of troubles,” recounts Erick Schenkel, executive director of the JESUS Film Project. “He was weary and without hope,” he notes, relating a story …

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