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Woman faced financial pressure, had no time for God, then He healed her on the way to the hospital

By Mark Ellis

Irina had a difficult life as the lone bread-winner for her three kids—and the wife of a man who spent money wildly. As a result, the family was deeply in debt and she was angry about her depressed circumstances.

One day after she returned from work her neighbor Valya approached her with a surprising message: “God loves you and …

God miraculously healed Ethiopian Christian, saved him from brother’s plot, protected from wild hyenas

Written by Kim Farr, photos by Esther Havens, The Seed Company

“What happened to you?” Berki Banko’s mother faced her exhausted, bloody son. He’d just found his way home after nearly dying in the Ethiopian wilderness.

To his mother, Berki was still lost. His choices had brought shame to their family and she was desperate.

“Berki, this breast nursed you when you were a child,” she …

Jesus appears to bedridden Muslim mom, brings healing and salvation to family

By Mark Ellis

Fadila* was raised in a devout Muslim family in the Middle East, one of eight children. Her father – who farmed a date plantation — also had a second wife who bore four children.

As a young woman, Fadilla dedicated herself to the practices of Islam every day. “I was always wearing the abaya, which is a large, black …

Nepal: Prayer in Jesus’ name heals man’s paralyzed arm

By Mark Ellis

Tyler Connell, with the Ekballo Project, was recently in the foothills of the Himalayas in west Nepal, one of the most unreached places of the world distributing Bibles, praying for the sick, and preaching the Good News.

The Ekballo Project uses film as a mobilizing spark on college campuses and churches to send believers into the unreached, unengaged regions …

Brussels attack: Americans’ lives spared because they stopped for a snack

By Mark Ellis

Two American Christian friends from Alabama would have been at the check-in counter at the Brussels airport when a massive bomb exploded nearby, but were delayed a few crucial minutes by stopping for a snack on the way to the airport.

Dr. Laura Billiet, an internal medicine specialist, was dropping off her friend Laura Harper at the airport when …

Mentally ill, he wandered aimlessly in the jungle until Jesus healed his mind

By Mark Ellis

In one of India’s most remote areas, among one of its most primitive tribes, Pratik* wandered aimlessly among the predations of the jungle and the tangled muddle of his own mental illness, seemingly lost for weeks at a time.

He periodically came back to his senses and returned to his wife at their home in an area of Chhattisgarh, …

Miracles among Syrians struggling to survive war zone

By Mark Ellis

An extraordinary number of Muslims living in war-torn Syria have decided to follow Jesus after experiencing His love firsthand through miraculous healings and gifts from above.

Among the people living in or near the war zone, many are struggling to survive because there is simply not enough food, according to the Lebanon-based director of Christian Aid Mission.

He felt the miracle of God’s warm embrace in a frozen gulag

By Mark Ellis

Alexander Ogorodnikov grew up in the former Soviet Union at a time when the communist government wanted to rid society of all religious influences. While his father was a loyal member of the Communist Party, his grandmother had him secretly baptized.

“After the Revolution the Bolsheviks declared a war on Christianity,” Alexander noted, in a talk he gave at …

Computer scientist-engineer experienced frightening near-death experience of hell, glorious vision of heaven


By Mark Ellis

He was a computer scientist-engineer working on avionics for the F-22 stealth fighter aircraft in 2002 when he suffered a nervous breakdown and a massive automobile crash in which he nearly died.

As his car hurtled through the air and hit a freeway stanchion and a tree that hot August night, God gave him a spectacular vision of the …

Orthodox Jew found Jeshua-Jesus in Israel, miracles unfolded in his life

By Mark Ellis

He grew up in the former Soviet Union, but at 17 his Jewish family fled the crumbling communist system and immigrated to Israel.

“When I first came to Israel, I fell in love with the country,” says Neriyah Arabov. “The first thing that touched my heart was the amazing sense of patriotism in everyone that I met,” he told …

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