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Did God turn a salty well into a fresh water well in Korea?

By Dan Wooding

Thousands of Christians from around the world are flocking to a site where many Korean Christians believe that God miraculously turned salty well water into drinkable fresh or “sweet” water eleven years ago.

The miracle is said to have taken place in a well on the grounds of Muan Manmin Church in the south of the country, and members …

Mysterious ‘Jesus photo’ stirs faith, brings comfort and peace to many

Unusual photograph captures reflection of Jesus or an angel

After two years in a coma doctors wanted to disconnect life support, then God woke him up

By Mark Ellis

Randall Hall was once a free-wheeling playboy who traveled the world, went through women like “potato chips,” and dashed around town in his Mercedes 500 SL convertible. Seven clothing boutiques from Laguna Beach to San Francisco provided access to beautiful women ready to lay claim to his indulgent lifestyle.

Then he tried to move in on someone else’s girlfriend …

Jesus heals demon-possessed man

Umed had been striving to please his gods for many years. Now, when he needed them, they didn’t answer.

Having grown up diligently participating in religious activities, Umed was devoted to his family’s traditional beliefs. At some point in this spiritual darkness, Umed fell under the control of evil spirits. He began suffering frequent seizures. His family spent huge amounts of …

9/11 Remembrance: only known survivor from Trade Center impact zone pays tribute to God’s grace

Testimony of only known survivor from impact zone of World Trade Center. He credits God’s grace for his survival.

Breakthrough in Hokota

By Kevin G. Verett, Short-term Participant with One Mission Society

On March 11, 2011, when I heard that a massive earthquake had struck near Japan, I turned on the news for more details. As I watched the horrible video of the powerful tsunami wave of water destroying everything in its path, I began to cry out to God for mercy and …

Former NFL football player found the Father’s blessing

By Mark Ellis

After he tore all three ligaments in his knee, he thought his dream of future glory on the gridiron was over. Then God met him in a surprising way that changed the course of his life.

From the start — before he drew his first breath – tragedy struck. “I never had a single moment with my father,” says …

Why we pray — prayers answered for baby in the womb

By Jay Grant

This week my prayer letter to you focuses on one monumental report. Sit back and be amazed… In mid-May, I wrote down this pressing need in my prayer letter: “Debbie V, (a friend of someone in our church), is 20 months pregnant but having extreme difficulties as fluids are in the brain of the child. Please pray for …

Lost for 47 days at sea on a raft, a God of miracles saved Zamperini’s life

Louis Zamperini concluded his survival on a raft after 47 days at sea must have been a miracle.

Miracles in escape from communist Romania confirmed faith in God

The story of three teenagers who risk their lives to escape communist Romania during the Ceaucescu regime and how God met them in miraculous ways during their journey.

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