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Mentally ill, he wandered aimlessly in the jungle until Jesus healed his mind

By Mark Ellis

In one of India’s most remote areas, among one of its most primitive tribes, Pratik* wandered aimlessly among the predations of the jungle and the tangled muddle of his own mental illness, seemingly lost for weeks at a time.

He periodically came back to his senses and returned to his wife at their home in an area of Chhattisgarh, …

In one African city, 8672 receive Christ in door-to-door campaign

By Caitlyn Hetrick

The theme of the Eldoret mission was, “It is time”; time for the Eldoret church to stand up and take responsibility for their city, time for the lost sheep to come back to the Shepherd, time for God to fall afresh on the city.

The mission began with a bang; over 1500 people attended the Commissioning service on Sunday …

Amish carpenters nearing completion of life-sized Noah’s Ark

By Chad Dou and Mark Ellis

A mind-blowing full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark is nearing completion in Williamstown, KY, displaying the remarkable grandiosity of the all-wood colossus.

While Noah and his family spent 100 years toiling on the ark, Ken Ham and his construction team — including dozens of Amish carpenters — will have taken five years by the time they are finished …

Miracles among Syrians struggling to survive war zone

By Mark Ellis

An extraordinary number of Muslims living in war-torn Syria have decided to follow Jesus after experiencing His love firsthand through miraculous healings and gifts from above.

Among the people living in or near the war zone, many are struggling to survive because there is simply not enough food, according to the Lebanon-based director of Christian Aid Mission.

Muslim sees Jesus in dream, finds a peace beyond ‘morphine’


By Mark Ellis

Husain* grew up in a region with some of the hardest spiritual ground in the world for Christianity to penetrate – yet God always finds ways to soften stony hearts and bring deeply satisfying peace to his children.

It seems this young Muslim man had become dissatisfied with Islam, according to a blog post on the Frontiers USA website. After a …

When girls get raped at 14 by tribal custom, there is an urgency for the Gospel in these remote Peruvian villages

By Mark Ellis

It is still warm in the early evening as Pastor Ricardo Hidalgo Rojas edges his aging, flat-bottom boat “Evangelista” into the tiny village of Santa Elise. Children crowd the banks of the Yucayali River, a tributary of the Amazon, a five-hour boat ride from Pucallpa.

Of the 350 Shipibo people inhabiting this primitive village of thatched roof, single room …

China will become the most Christian nation in the world

By Chad Dou and Mark Ellis

Within 15 years, China should become the country with the most Christians in the world, according to a study.

Fenggang Yang, of Purdue University, predicts that China will reach 224 million Christians by the year 2030, as quoted in the UK Financial Times.

In the least religious country in the western world (Sweden), the most embarrassing subject is God

By Charles Braddix

What’s the most embarrassing thing you can talk about in your city? Discussions that include God, said a Scandinavian pastor.

The pastor in Denmark told this to sociologist Phil Zuckerman, who spent 14 months interviewing nearly 150 Scandinavians, according to The New York Times.

This can pose a dilemma for Christian workers trying to evangelize and plant churches in countries …

Nepal’s new constitution bans religious conversions

By Anthony Gutierrez and Mark Ellis

Bowing to pressure from hardline Hindu groups, the Nepalese congress banned any acts leading to conversions from one religion to another in the country’s new constitution. It also prohibits acts that undermine or jeopardize the religion of another.

At the same time they declared the nation to be secular and neutral toward all religions.

When tribes beg for missionaries to come

By Mark Ellis

At New Tribes Mission (NTM), they collect many letters from indigenous people groups in Papua New Guinea pleading for missionaries to come and tell them about God, people earnestly seeking truth amidst the uncertainty of death and the afterlife.

The following letter was sent by Aiben Awanhi of Isahu Village and received by NTM a few years ago:

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