Pastor Raul Ries asks for prayer for debilitating illness


By Mark Ellis —

Pastor Raul Ries

Pastor Raul Ries, the enormously impactful Calvary Chapel pastor who overcame a violent and abusive background to lead a thriving church in Southern California, released a Facebook video requesting prayer for a serious long-term illness.

“Please keep me in your prayers,” he asked. “I’m going through a difficult time in my life now, where a lot of times…I can’t read and I can’t speak and it’s frustrating and embarrassing to me,” he said.

Pastor Raul leads Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, which has over 12,000 regular attenders meeting on a 25-acre site in Diamond Bar. His syndicated radio program, “Somebody Loves You,” is heard on 350 stations nationwide.

Apparently, he has struggled with the undisclosed illness for nine years, which often results in seizures and is very debilitating.

“If you guys can pray for me that God can continue to move through my life and work through my life because it’s very frustrating to get up in the pulpit and try to preach and all of a sudden you have this situation happening in your life,” he stated.

“Continue to pray for me and my family,” he requested.

I need ur prayers in a little situation that I have been going through r 9 years it is frustrating r me and I am sharing this video wt uuu thank uuu so much, Lord Bless uuu

Posted by Raul Ries on Thursday, August 10, 2017

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  1. I’ve started praying for Pastor Ries. On the basis of Matthew 8:17, “Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses.” This is not a touch-up quote. THis IS the word of God pure and simple…and wonderful!

  2. Your stories are educating to me and give me strength that keep me going. I ask you pastor Raul Ries to pray for me because I’m undergoing a difficult situation in my life. I have been disturbed by so called witches since l was young including my father. Forgiving him has been very difficult to me, what should l do? Because even when l pray it keeps coming again. I still remember how these people treated me and how they took away my happy life and I feel like one day I will take revenge for what they made me pass through. l need your prayers; please pray for me!

  3. Yahwe – Rophi / Lord who heals, the great physician.
    Heavenly Father, who in Your wisdom know what is best for us, glory be to You Lord. If it seems good in Your sight, remove from Your servant Raul the sickness that he now feels seizing him, that he may employ his renewed health to Your glory and praise your name. But, if it pleases You for him to submit to Your afflicting hands, for You do not chasten those whom You do not love, and You have not promised to lay on him any more than what he is able to bear.
    We know Lord that You allow this particular time for this sickness to manifest in his life for a reason, for his good,to further humble and prove him; O Lord, create in Him a true sorrow for all of his past sins with a revived true faith in You, and a sincere resolution of amendments that are yet to be revealed.
    Deliver him from all fretfullness and impatience, and give him an entire resignation of Your Divine will; O Lord, do not allow this sickness to take away his senses, and continually supply his thoughts with Holy interjections. Lord, bless all the means that are used for his recovery, and restore him to full health, all according to Your Will and in Your perfect timing; however, if You appoint otherwise for him, Your blessedness will also be done.
    Whatever Your prescription for him is, naturally, if need be hospitalized for a short season, then help him see a blessing in this should it become necessary. Lord, not only heal his body but also his mind and soul, so that, he may become the person You always intended him to be.
    Lord Jesus, in Mark 10:46-52 we are told of the story of blind Bartimaeus son of Timaeus, sitting by the side of the road, and upon hearing of Your approach, he began to call out to You without giving up and in spite of others telling him to be quiet, however, his persistence in being healed gave him the courage and faith trust in You for his healing, for You are the great physician.
    Lord we are in essence the blind Bartimaeus’s crying out to You on behalf of Your son Raul, saying; “Jesus, Son of David have pity on Raul your servant and on us all” also, wanting to hear Your voice and sense Your presence saying back to us “Raul, you are healed, be on your way, your faith made you well”
    Lord, let us feel Your power and Your loving kind presence among us, as we expect a miracle unfold right before our eyes, all to Your Glory, AMEN!
    P.S. A previous student of Al Rubin, your workout partner. We met at the beginning of your ministry long ago. Blessings, my brother.

  4. GOD Who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. You will be healed in the Mighty NAME of YEHOVAH and HIS son Yehosuha.

  5. You are my favorite rabbi I would be honored to pray for the Holy Spirit to be sent to surround you, fill you with his power of healing and for Jesus to put his divine hand upon you. thank you for your teachings and your amazing example of God’s restoration and love and mercy and Grace. may you have joy, peace, long suffering, happiness, and steadfastness to sail straight through the eye of the storm. I love you my brother in Christ. may your house be blessed with peace


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