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Palestinian leader lied to Trump about opposing terrorism

By Jamie Roman -- While he was reassuring President Trump that the Palestinian Authority opposes terrorism, PA President Mahmoud Abbas last month was in fact...

Former leader of church planting movement transitions to female

By Mark Ellis -- Paul Williams, the former leader of a church planting organization known as the Orchard Group, has transitioned to female and is...

Amid drought and starvation, Muslim holy men warn villagers away from Christian medical clinics

By Mark Ellis -- In drought-stricken Niger, Samira watched two of her children die from starvation. Now her two-year-old son Adamou*, born in a mud...

Dove sightings remind cancer patient of God’s love

By Diane Kramer Arenberg -- (Editor's note: Diane was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer in January, 2015. She wrote the story below after...

When he heard what the Lamb of God did for him, he ran and hid in a ditch

By Mark Ellis -- Simon and Annika Flanagan, missionaries with Ethnos360, recently planted a church in the village of Soi, Papua New Guinea. One of the...

Miraculous health reversal short-lived, ministry leader passes

By Mark Ellis -- Carol Waisanen, the founder of Angels for Christ, had a remarkable improvement in her battle with cancer that some were calling miraculous,...

Jesus appeared to Muslim woman, answered her request for cigarettes, later brought miraculous healing

By Mark Ellis --  Nelly, a North African woman living in southern Europe, had a brain tumor and was not expected to survive much longer,...

For child art prodigy Akiane, Jesus is for real

By Mark Ellis -- Her atheist parents were surprised when their three-year-old began to describe dreams and visions from God. This inexplicable direction in their...

Atheist professor’s near-death experience in hell left him changed

By Mark Ellis -- In some near-death experiences, people report they were drawn toward “the light.” But in this horrifying near-death experience for an atheist...

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How a despairing, hate-filled Chinese freedom fighter found Christ

By Mark Ellis -- He helped organize pro-democracy demonstrations that captured the world’s attention when Chinese authorities massacred hundreds of unarmed students in Beijing’s Tiananmen...
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This meets a real deep place for me. I had 14+ years of abuse and 40+ years of torment but Jesus was always with me and He answered unusual prayers to let me know He was with me. I have found as I’ve worked through memories that have surfaced over the last 15 years just how personal and careful He was with me. Jesus is always with me. I am never alone. Praise Him! He is everything! Christie, 6/17

I love it! Love it! when the constabulary is rocked. It reveals just where our faith stands. In Jesus, or in men’s traditions. How awesome is our God!!! He rides with you, in You and for you. What an incredible testimony of the love, goodness and freedom found in Him. Pamela, 6/17

The major reason Christ was rejected was because the Jews didn’t realize their coming Messiah was going to be God Himself. So when Jesus claimed to be God that automatically excluded Him from being the Messiah because in their eyes He was committing blasphemy against God. They were offended because they didn’t understand the Trinity. The were a people set apart to God among a world filled with polytheist pagans, and were zealous to honor the only true God, but they failed to notice in Holy Scripture, that God said in the beginning, “Let US make man in our image. ” In the Old Testament God’s name in Hebrew is Elohim. (“im” is plural Hebrew) It’s the same as adding an “s” to a word in English to make it plural. Mary, 6/17

How Great is Our God. Thank you Jesus! Laverne, 6/17

I am so grateful this article was here. I would have missed an opportunity to lift Him up by praying for these children! I hope you join me. Alex, 5/17

What an encouraging report! Wish it were translated into French! If no one volunteers, I am willing to give it a try (pastor in Paris). Paul, 5/17

Thank you for writing this story, let us awake from our sleep and do whatever we can to set our brothers and sisters free. Bruce, 5/17

For all who do God’s work and feel discouraged, Dr. Leslie is a lantern that all can follow, to be inspired by the light of Jesus! Praise Jesus!!! Bob, 5/17

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