Yasmin in her room

She set herself on fire to avoid becoming ISIS sex slave

By Mark Ellis

Facing the prospect of continued rape and abuse by ISIS fighters after her capture, a 17-year-old Yazidi girl named Yasmin decided she would make herself unattractive to her captors.

Completely hopeless and distraught, she poured gasoline on herself and then lit a match. The flames scorched her hair, nose, lips and ears and disfigured her once beautiful face before …

girl overdose

Legalization of marijuana led to heroin epidemic

By Mark Ellis

The Mexican drug cartels responded to the loss of revenue from the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana in the U.S. by flooding cities with cheap but potent Mexican heroin. Their crude response has also led to an unprecedented surge in overdoses and deaths gripping this country.

The serious allegation is contained in Don Winslow’s brilliant investigative piece in Esquire Magazine: “El …

Juan Cruz

Following a terrible train accident he hated God, until Jesus’ love melted his heart

By Mark Ellis

Drawn by the stories of riches to be made in the north, Juan and his brother Alvaro responded to the dream burning in many immigrants’ hearts and made their way to the United States.

“I heard stories about making money,” says Juan Cruz, who grew up in Toluca, Mexico, about 25 miles west of Mexico City.

When his friends returned …

"The family God gave me AFTER that accident. None of those young men would be on this earth if I died that day. From left to right in the back is youngest to oldest. James Fogarty, 6'6" at 17, Justin Fogarty, 6'2" at 18, and Joshua Fogarty, 5'9" at 25, In the front it is Tracie and myself."

After a horrific crash, his near-death experience left him somewhere between heaven and hell, until a blazing chariot appeared


By Mark Ellis

After midnight, he was driving home from work on a dimly lit country road outside Cumberland, Rhode Island when he came around a blind curve and saw a driver’s worst nightmare, a car careening toward him on the wrong side of the road.

“There was nothing I could do,” says Michael Fogarty, who was 18 at the time of …

Devadasi girls

More than a quarter million underage girls serve as temple prostitutes in India and Nepal

By Women Without Borders

It is called religious or ritual servitude, but the name is a mask for one of the most heinous forms of female slavery today.

“It’s hard for us to understand the depths of the exploitation these women suffer, the brokenness of their spirits. A devadasi is a dalit [untouchable], so she’s low on the social scale anyway. But …


Angelic encounters during health crisis brought hope and encouragement

By Mark Ellis

With seven collapsed arteries around his heart, he hovered near death. But in the midst of his health emergency, God brought unusual encounters with the supernatural realm that inspired his faith.

It all began with chest pains. “I thought maybe I was just tired,” says Don. The next day he picked up his wife, Kathleen, from the airport and …

Rapper Booski Love, before her transformation

Rapper left lesbian lifestyle, transformed by Jesus

By Dan Wooding and Mark Ellis

Venus L. Burton, aka rapper Booski Love, once slid through dark caverns of danger, lust and power in Los Angeles. She soared among the stars of the underground rap scene and survived the night — but only barely.

Then, in 2010, at the pinnacle of her career, Booski Love experienced a moment of clarity. She awakened from …

Micah Christensen

Christian volleyball player at Olympics spikes for God

By Tim Ellsworth

Micah Christenson spent the past year playing professional volleyball in Italy. Sound like fun?

He thought so, too, until he got there. He couldn’t speak the language and was living alone for the first time in a foreign country. He didn’t have any friends on the team. And then he got sick the first week.

“I’m throwing up, and I’m …

Vladimir Putin

Putin fires three governors, replaces with his personal bodyguards

By George Friedman

This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin did three very interesting things. First, he fired his long-time aide and chief of staff, Sergei Ivanov, and moved him to a lower position. A few weeks earlier, Putin fired at least three regional governors and replaced them with his personal bodyguards. Removing that many governors is a bit odd. Replacing them …

boy soldiers trained by Boko Haram

Boko Haram kidnapped 10,000 boys, forced them to become child soldiers

By Mark Ellis

The world was horrified when the Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram kidnapped 276 schoolgirls from the town of Chibok in 2014. But less coverage has been given to the kidnapping of more than 10,000 boys over the last three years by the terror group and their brutal coercion tactics, forcing children to wage jihad.

The allegations are contained in …

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