Snake temple in Penang

Hindu snake goddess saw Jesus in dream and became His witness

By Mark Ellis

People in the community worshipped her as a snake goddess, brought her offerings, and prostrated themselves before her. But a powerful encounter with Jesus in a dream turned her away from black magic to follow the living, true God.

“My father was a leading sorcerer among our people. He was practicing black magic,” says Nagamma, which means, “mother snake.” …


Planned Parenthood founder urged 10-year ban on babies in developing world

by Ben Johnson

In 1934, Margaret Sanger published an article in America Weekly in which she said it had “become necessary to establish a system of birth permits in the United States.” But in the newly unearthed video, she flatly states, “I believe that there should be no more babies.” Period.

A chilling video has surfaced of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret …


Ruth Luttrell, missionary to the Caribbean, passes to her reward

By Jeremy Reynalds

Ruth Luttrell, Co-Founder and President Emeritus, Calvary Evangelistic Mission

Born Ruth Tidik (Lutrell) was born in Lakewood, Ohio on Aug. 22 1926, one of six children of parents from Austria and Czechoslovakia who became American citizens.

According to an obituary by The Rock Radio Network (TRRN), Ruth Tidik Luttrell went to be with the Lord on March 15, 2014, surrounded …


Muslim kills daughter after she leaves Islam for Christianity

The 17-year-old daughter of a Muslim man in Uganda was able to attend one church service this month before he killed her for leaving Islam, sources

Abdul Hakim Ibanda of Kamuli town in eastern Uganda beat Nanvunani
Shamimu and her 19-year-old sister, Nawudo Hasifa, with a blunt instrument after learning that they had attended the church service on April 6, sister Hasifa told …

Pathway into the community and M's house

Hot-tempered mom radically changed by Jesus, throws out idols

By Julia Biasi in Thailand

It was the same living room where I sat cross-legged five and a half years ago.  The same pictures hanging on the walls, the same plastic covering the floor, the same tin roof overhead.

The hearts in the home however, where different.  Radically different.

John wandering in the streets of Lucknow

Deranged, violent homeless man transformed by Jesus

By Mark Ellis

Mentally disturbed, he lived in the streets of Lucknow, India, and responded violently to anyone who attempted to approach him. But God moved one pastor’s heart to take him in, and the love of Jesus transformed the man’s life.

“When we first met John he was very violent and threw stones at people he met. The local police and …

Children rescued after attack

Miracle at Christian Day Care Center in Afghanistan – terrorists went in wrong gate

By Mark Ellis

Five Taliban attackers targeted what they thought was an underground church celebrating its first anniversary in Kabul. After they blew up a car at two adjoining gates, God confused their thinking and they mistakenly entered a heavily armed compound next door.

“By the grace of God, it’s really a miracle, that’s all I can say,” Heidi Kuhn, chief executive …


Christian TV network in Farsi expands in Muslim world

By Melissa Nordell and Mark Ellis

His brother was executed by firing squad in Iran when he was only 16 for a minor political offense. But instead of taking revenge, Dr. Hormoz Shariat decided to share the Gospel with Muslims and love them into the Kingdom of God.

Dr. Shariat founded Iran Alive Ministries, which started as a church for Muslim background …

Bombing in Damascus, 2013

Christian in Damascus reports bombs falling around her

By Open Doors

Hanna is a Christian woman living in Damascus, Syria with her husband. She and her husband have two young daughters. Hanna works in a school. Over the last year Hanna has been pouring out her heart about what daily life is like in war-torn Damascus. The Syrian civil war is going into its fourth year and has claimed …


Authorities in Vietnam incite villagers to attack Christian converts

Inciting social hostility appears to have become a key way government officials
in rural Vietnam try to contain, or at least slow, the growth of Christianity
among ethnic minorities, sources said.

Ethnic Hmong Christians were the targets of two incidents the past two months in Vietnam’s northwest. Village officials in Son La Province dragged a couple from their home in late March, and …