Damage to imam's red pepper plantation and store

Imam finds Jesus, loses family, house, and livelihood

By Mark Ellis

An evil spirit tormented Imam Kuluseni Tenywa for many years. Out of desperation, he visited Elim Church in his village in late May 2016.

“I was prayed for in the power of Issa [Jesus] and invited him into my heart, which broke the strength of the evil spirit that was troubling me,” he told Morning Star News.

The strong man …

Caitlyn Jenner at "Big Tent" brunch

During Convention, Caitlyn Jenner speaks out as conservative Republican and person of faith

By Mark Ellis

Speaking at the American Unity Fund’s “Big Tent Brunch” on July 20th, former Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner spoke candidly about her conservative values and Christian faith.

The “Big Tent Brunch” was organized to promote conservative support for LGBT freedom in all fifty states during the Republican National Convention.

Unregistered church in Vietnam

Vietnam: Authorities lock up 108 pastors, some face poisoning risk

By Mark Ellis

Vietnamese authorities have locked up at least 108 pastors for their faith in prisons where they could be poisoned if they’re not careful what they eat.

Prison conditions in Vietnam’s Central Highlands are unforgiving and primitive. If a prisoner fails to follow all orders it could bring fatal retribution, Su*, the leader of an indigenous ministry told Christian Aid …

Sea of Galilee (Shalom Holy Tours)

Sea of Galilee’s salt content is rising, may impact water supply and farming

By Mark Ellis

Reduced rain and water flows in northern Israel have caused salt levels in the Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) to escalate, according to a report by Ynetnews.

The changes have been manifesting over the last few decades.

The average amount of available water in the Sea of Galilee is 320 million cubic liters per year. In the 1970s the average …

Qandeel Baloch

Pakistan: Brother says he’s proud of honor killing of sister, a prominent model

By Mark Ellis

The brother of Pakistani model and social media star, Qandeel Baloch, says he’s proud he killed his sister, because he was embarrassed by her social media posts and “girls are born to stay home.”

Baloch, 26, was found dead Saturday at her family home in Multan. The following day her brother confessed to strangling her for the sake of …

Pastor Paul baptizes one of the new Muslim converts to Christianity

God hides 18 Muslim converts under His wing, protects them from attack

By Mark Ellis

In the warm clear waters of the Arabian Sea, 18 former Muslims were baptized recently at an early morning service conducted by Bibles for Mideast.

The new believers had personally approached the ministry leaders and requested baptism. “They wanted to be purified in the Spirit and the Water to get ready to meet Jesus Christ – the Bridegroom, who …

Peter approaches the lifeless body of Dorcas

Does God still heal miraculously today?

By Mark Ellis

Jesus demonstrated he is the Son of God and he is God by performing powerful miracles throughout his ministry. I don’t know of any other religious figure who could walk on water, command the wind and the waves, heal people born blind, feed 5,000 with a few loaves and fishes, and raise the dead.

In Luke 7, some men …

Slain evangelist Eunice Olawale

Woman evangelist killed by Islamists while street preaching

By Mark Ellis

Eunice Olawale, 41, was stabbed and cut to death by a band of Islamists in a suburb of Abuja, Nigeria on July 9th while proclaiming Jesus in the streets.

The last words of the evangelist and mother of seven were, “Blood of Jesus,” her husband told Morning Star News.

“My wife loved Jesus so very much,” Pastor Olawale Elisha of …

Coptic property destroyed in
al-Bayda, 17 June 2016

Egypt: Violence against Christians escalating

by Elizabeth Kendal

Violence by Muslims against Egypt’s indigenous Christian Copts is escalating at an alarming rate, and, as noted in RLPB 363 (June Update), pogroms are being triggered by mere rumor.

The post-Friday-prayers pogrom in al-Karam Village, Minya Province, on 20 May was triggered by the rumor that an elderly Coptic woman’s son was in a relationship with a Muslim woman. …

Jesus calms the storm

Middle Eastern refugee prayed to unknown God to calm stormy sea, was shocked when Jesus responded

By Mark Ellis

The chilly waters of the Aegean Sea reached the chest of Eshan* as he and a few other men attempted to launch an inflatable boat off the shores of western Turkey.

At 3:30 in the morning Eshan was hauled aboard the boat with 45 others seeking a new life in central Europe, according to a report by the JESUS …

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